Friendship is like a water pot
It falls down and it breaks
But if you love your pot
You will mould it again.
Friendship is like a piece of paper
If you hold it carelessly, it will tear
But if you treasure what is on the paper
You will glue the torn part.
Friendship is like starting a car in the morning
You can twist the ignition and it easily starts
All you will not know is whether it will complete the journey
But if Treasure your car and its value, you will repair when it breaks.
Friendship is like a well painted house
After a long time, the paint feds away
You choose whether to paint again or leave it
But if you love your house, you will renovate  it.
Friendship is like a fresh flower in the morning
When the sun goes up and turns so hot
It may wither and want to die
But if the flower is useful in your home, you will water it and it lives.
Friendship is like love
It accelerates and decelerates
But if it means something in your life
You will always lift it up when it goes down.



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