Are we ready for this?

God only knows the question must be ask
Are we open minded enough or still too closed off to yet accept?
You know yourself better inside than anyone

Making progress or falling behind on these modern times?
All up to us to choose what and who to embrace for our future
Now or never we must make the choice

Follow the norm or for once step over the line?
One way or another the time is here
Rush towards a bright future or stay trapped in the closed mind of the past?

Please think on what we have now in office
Remind yourself just how important your vote is
Every one counts
So please don't let anyone sway you to believe otherwise
It's the whole nation at stake here if too costly a mistake is made
Dare we to just hide our heads in the sand and ignore?
Everything around us so rapidly changing
Nothing we can do to stop it and why should we?
The future could be better than we ever dared to dream

If only
We are willing
To step forward and see what it holds

2019 Ramona Thompson



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