by George, I think
twas at young's regency roller skating rink
(decades ago, now a public library -
in Plymouth Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania),
where passions pink

like tender infant soft toes
or budding spring time rose -
thee triumphant chap
mentioned above did propose
to Shari Todd Harris -

one pleasing lass (and younger sibling
o mine) with a button nose
knew he hit high caliber gal,
whose mien demeanor reined in any lows
cuz she realized this gem of a guy

stood apart from common neat or sloppy joes
where ardent cogent elements of style -
with his comic hi hoes
reduced the presence to zero of any foes

cuz his aura, charisma, dogma...
cathartic, pacific and therapeutic persona
imbued thine psyche when he did doze
emitting warmth felt by Matthew Scott Harris
likened to how a summer breeze blows
ah, how this perfect (hand in glove match)
endured going on three decades aglows.



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