Walking along Beach Street with rain drizzling on my head

Peering in the store fronts, some were "for rent"
Daytona wanted a more family oriented image
So did they chase spring breakers away?
Walking along Atlantic Street and gray skies overhead
Still more store fronts that were "for rent"
Made me wonder of days gone by
Like this past spring break:
Did it live up to the reputation -
Of wet t-shirt contests and indulgence
Alcohol galore until they're pretty much face down
Or is that era in the past
Like beat writers indulging, experimenting
Peppering their writings with the flow
As the stream of consciousness go
Yea, I'm also on the road
Looking at ghosts of spring break pasts
As I pass the pizza and beer special
While I walk down the streets with gray skies
Blessing me with the droplets of rain.


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