my love,today someone has broke your golden heart
Feeling that your world has been completely ripped apart
please don't let this change not the first thing about you
For the heart will always Fall for whatever it wants to
Only wish i could've stopped this lesson weve all to learn
stopping the anger, the Grief, and the never ending burn
He was merely a stepping stone to your prince to come
This love being the strongest and second to none
So please don't grow bitter, sweet daughter of mine
Don't let him steal your sweetness continue to shine
I know Its seems your heart is breaking but this will pass
Always move on with Grace, continue forward with class
in the beauty of love your heart will heal whats now tender and o so soar
Just know, a true love story will last always and forever more.
Your prince will hold you tight never letting you go..
The joker?
Hell continue to reap all he has sown
Please don't give him the power to keep love from filling your days.
And this? I promise, will be nothing more then a passing Phase
So stand strong and tall until then my dear sweet loving child,
Go! Grow your roots that's begun to grow glorious and wild
because you must learn to love yourself and ,learn just who you are
Then finding real love ,beyond the moon, past the glimmering stars



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