I’m not what I used to be,
as if I knew what I was before...
But life, knocked my legs out from under me,
leaving me laying on the ground stunned.
My emotional isolation
into which I had begun
to allow myself to slide,
would have easily caused me
to become undone,
I probably would have laid
in that pool of self pity
and died.
That is,
if you hadn’t come along...
We both know
there are a lot of things
I don’t want to talk about,
because right now
I’m just not ready;
You’ve seen a glimpse
of the mess that I am
and with everything
I’m dealing with
I’m completely...
But I just wanted to say
thank you for being there,
you’re a source of strength
for the broken person I’ve become,
and it helps me
to know that you care,
so now,
I don’t feel so alone.



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