​You will need your heart checked the anaethetist declared.

What nonsense I retorted, I'm really not prepared
To accept what you say- I know my heart's fine.
My second eye op was scheduled  to be at nine
The next week; the Specialist had agreed to be there.
She was adamant though; said I, "maybe the monitor needs repair!"
But, off to the Heart Hospital we had to go the next day.
It took just one hour to prove my heart one hundred % O.K!!
All went well until with the bill I was presented;
What? Impossible! Five thousand Rand; I bitterly resented
This large amount; enough to bring on a heart attack
And then she'd have been right; so alas and alack
Just part with your Bank Card ; you have to pay
And attempt with a smile to enjoy the rest of the day!!



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