They say
Weight is just a number
That all it measures is
Your relationship with gravity
So then
Why am I chained to a scale that binds me?
And why do I listen to the voices in my head?
Ana said she loved me
But loving her was self-destruction
Mia said we were best friends
But befriending her was like drowning in acid
They say eat
But Ana says self-control
They say be healthy
And Mia reminds of the scale in my bathroom
All we are are hollow girls and hollow boys
We conform even when we know it’ll kill us in the end
We starve we binge we purge
We count calories and pounds
And when eating isn’t Chanel anymore we fast
Our enemies are the gleaming mirror who tells lies
And the friends who care
We know we aren’t healthy, but we keep pushing
When our stomachs cry out for food all we hear is applause
When we see food all we can see are big disgusting numbers
We are hollow girls and hollow boys
And we will starve until
We’re invisible



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