Looking in the mirror is a girl in disbelief
Screaming at the image, “Why is this hate in me?!?”
I hate that this feeling has transformed me so much
And how it has destroyed a once tender love
I hate that I blame it all upon myself
Over losing a love and the pain I’ve felt
I hate that I continue to punish my soul
Not understanding how I have lost all control
I hate how you just broke down all my walls
Making the way for all the damage you could cause
I hate how I want those words from your mouth
Convincing me that all should be forgotten about
I hate how you can break my heart with no grief
I pick up the pieces in shameful defeat
I hate you so much that it’s like a disease
More sickening is how I want you with me
I hate myself and what I've lost
Playing a gamble at such a high cost
I hate that I lost all hope in my dreams
I lost all my senses and my self esteem
I hate how you’ve stripped my soul of everything
My trust, my faith, my will and dignity
I hate that you never see how you hurt me so much
To treat me so cold and like I’m never good enough
I hate how my heart never listens to my mind
My heart ignores warnings and over looks the lies
I hate that you’re so hard to let go of
But I must see when it is time to give up
I will hate myself if I allow this to happen again
To become a prisoner of some selfish kid
I will only hate the time wasted on the foolish
And knowing each day that I can do this
Looking in the mirror is a girl in disbelief
Screaming at the image, “I am finally free!”



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