What is all of  us?
What is the humankind?
Will we really end thus?
Are we alll just inside a galaxy's mind?

What will we do when the skies will became dark?
Will we finish our end all together by love or all separated by hate?
What will we do when we'll hear a sound so stark?
A Sound as an explosion, that wipes out every fate.

We are nothing more than a crumb in this entire universe.
And when we all will perish by the end of everyone,
What could be worse?
Die waiting for love or die in hate with a gun?

Because nobody of us,
can never save their skins.
We all will end thus?
Will we end with sins?
Or will we end with wins?

Nobody, beside the Divinity who created us all,
will know how we will end.
In this world so small.
In this world we will attend.

And all of us will see,
what the destiny
Gave to us in our reality.
We all will see it, certainly.



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