awaiting interpersonal subsequent situation
     aye tend to get ants
see when in the midst awaiting
     said sub routine involving

     outcome of circumstance
the parameter, perimeter, potentiometer,
     et cetera extents
sifts out the destructive sycophants

     versus real boot not nacho
     munching macho gents
thus ipso facto fur cher
     pro bono, and hence
gaining kudos for fas innocence

je nais sais quois joie de vivre personal aim
finds this lapsed passive pen sieve blame
less body electric alternating
     between defendant versus claim

"FAKE" aunt Emma, who wrote to said
     real or fictitious dame
purportedly gave solicited feedback exclaim
ming absolute zero tolerance
     for acquiescent docile frame
within the real versus make believe
     Milton Bradley board game

of LIFE as well my late mum (Chris Anne)
whose maternal sermons
     included a ban
against blindly enlisting

     into any sect chew will clan
purporting pretending posturing
     as Dudley Do-right dan
sing with the stars amidst a Euclidean

Geometry auditorium,
     where the glitzy dazzling audience
     flush with many a fan
gnat tics toward a particular couple

said open eyed spectators
     focused glazed eyes and grand
huzzahs on a man or woman,
     who took charge hand
dilly directing his/her partner
     acrobatic aeronautics inland

pro active with guiding he or she
     toe till lee tubular counterpart re
speck ting decorum, yet pre
zen ting a choreographed production nee

an utterly out of this world with lee
ping skyward ward jumps key
pin equipoise holy jee
purrs, which scenario

analogous to taking bold
measures tubby
     forthrightly assertive fold
ding arms crosswise
     across chest, taking hold
din stance without conveying
   a haughtiness mold.



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