People know me because of my father,

he spent his time building for a Mad King

who was never pleased with the work put in front of him

who got so upset that he locked us up in the same lab my pops created

It’s the same place The Minotaur lives

that thing scares me

I can hear its hooven steps when I try to sleep

I have nightmares of it getting closer  

My father tries to convince me that will never happen

that the bull-man is lost forever in this place

I don’t believe him.


In order to run from our punishment

my father built two sets of magnificent wings

They are beautiful, I can’t wait to use them

my father explains that I must follow him after he leaves if I want to make it out alive

I just want to go

to get away from this place

that Monster

I ask my father if we can leave today

he says no, tomorrow is when we take flight

the nightmare came to me that night

this time more vibrant and vivid than ever

The Minotaur stares me in face

it charges and Screams with both the man and bull part of it

It’s horrific

I woke up in a sweat this morning

this perfect day for flying

My father attaches the wings to me

I hear Steps

he attaches the wings to himself

the hooves grow louder

just after my father is taking off

my nightmare comes to fruition

The minotaur is rounding the corner

I’m staring at it now

muscles taut with anticipation

It’s breathing heavy

as if the air around it is thinner

it’s looking at me


Oh Gods! Oh no!

My arms and legs are jumping into action

I’m airborne

My arms won’t stop flapping

I can still hear The Minotaur

Screaming with the man part

Wait! Come Back! Take Me With You!

My body can’t stop

I’m climbing a ladder of clouds now

I can feel the sun on my back

I’m safe now

I can breath

I see my father, much lower, with a look of horror on his face

I wave to him

and fall



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