Listen O’ man I am a girl
In thy free and fresh air
I breathe like I have asthma
And I live in a gigantic fear
When I am sick of daily chores
And want to feel the outside
Wolves and dogs follow my smell
And follow like a monstrous tide
The boundaries of my boring home
When start to tease my soul
My rebellious legs then come out
And outside spoils my every goal
And I wonder and only wonder
To see the lustful barren eyes
In the shameless eyes of outside
Spoiling the beauty of my skies
Oh, when you steer at my body
I will say and raise one thing
That I’m a daughter of Eve
Then look with the eyes of spring
Look with the eyes of respect
I’m the beauty and glory
I’m the Adam’s peaceful time
You might have read in Eden’s story
I’ve the right and I will breathe
I’ll wear my diamond and pearl
And I deserve what you deserve
I deserve because I am a girl



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