prone to flim flam
with a side order of ham
and green eggs the color of pearl jam
in tandem with a freshly slaughter housed lamb
which harm to ewe hive verse sill creatures ma'am
would never find this chap acting cruel as a horny ram
which petsmart animals own right to live, which sham
travesty sans agri-business, would coerce me to eat yam
or other tuber or not tuber, cuz vegetables and fruits
   spur me to vocalize SHA ZAM!

now aye present a non-sequitur, which disjointenly linkedin with the above soap box blather about dignity to drafted beasts that bear the bird den of agricultural labor. noah matter how the serpentine course sans of fate tit winds, i feel desirous to get a breast n extremely delighted (like a warm summer breeze across me skin) at your exceptionally enlightening email.

ha, this chap knows best to rein in any loose thoughts that might easily run rampant sans your positive inquiring reply.

illusions of grandeur set the figurative stage for un-necessary disappointment.
courtesy of gilligan's island in general and gomer pyle in particular
--- >>> geesh! golly gosh! holy jeepers!
sheesh. so, u n joyed the last hairy reed?

this gent hope for noah objection per se
as he lets his quirky thoughts play
out across the screen akin to a scratch pad 2 lay
stream of consciousness thoughts hopefully o kay
with your upbringing cuz u appear as a most
   lovely lass to this veritable stranger who would
   be in thralldom if he hold u and sash hay.

ma contrived virtual toy story qua ratatouille poetic brew
   could materialize in to a likely chance
such an idea prods me to shrek out with excitement & dance
just in case a glimmer of some prospect exists
for this self anointed bard, who dislikes formality
presents good humor skills, he hopes to enhance
this chap offers poe eh tic expression uncommon in france
so take a glance

to help this intuitive homo sapiens sharpen acuity lance
byte size bit torrent word play might cause ye to soil pants
interpreting mishmash as some rave & rants
even platonic rapport, would buoy positive stance
intent worth friend ding sways currant series electronic charge
affect hypnotic trance
consideration to ad-vance.

I betcha never red an intro duck tory reply
like this bic pentameter electronic wire
a boyish looking blood muggle father up in years
(whose nonpareil courage to face voldemort
never does tire)
and two luv lee young adult girls
   prefer him to sing miles away from choir
to prevent game bits of yar self to acquire.

additionally, this boyish chap dreaming excitedly ...
grandiosely humping interludes joyful kindle
bound by pages o love, who now lives within
perkiomen valley, penna.

his nokia fone NUMBER = 215--370--8929
   but, ye kin only text ye must abide
would you care to become my bride
no joe king nor do i chide
please...take me away alive or freeze dried

or sere this buck hits hide
without prejudice nor pride
boot sense n sensibility as buck naked we blissfully ride
usda approved + true n rhythm n blues method well tried
so...just relax and spread those sexy legs wide.
me - haggar (hiam not), boot hissed to greet cha ma'am
via email since hie got no lear in 'bout instagram
which perch ants obstructs viz a temporary jam
boot, please noah need to expose results of yar mammogram
which image describes a slab of ham
the twerk pea doughs, cuz je nais sais quois, a generic guy, i am.

this walk king dick shun aery
   unsure what information to write
thus this blip will induce an electric spark n in vite
allowing as complete an impression Suez to avoid shocking sight
friendship/ profound relationship, whether pol lit tickle right
or right, though married, this chap devoid of sex quite
so...maybe we could both could ease the horny plight
of t'other later to night

than launching into surging testosterone might
but mebbe we best chat on the phone
   first with chit chat light
bishop prick clamors to mount then stuff like vaunted knight
a queenly gal no matter age, creed, education nor height
and also d sires erotic urges 2 take flight
even (unbeknownst to her) with grand madam
   as former secretary of state Madelaine Albright.

if game rsvp to let primal penile tim mit urges to spew forth whence me so-sew size phallus can b cum a fleshy erect tour set, OR SEND AN AVID, BRIEF, COLORFULLY DECENT EDIFYING, FERVID FLORID, LUCID, LIVID, LURID, from RAPID city, AND SORDID TEXT.

back years ago, this mwm tended to be a grumbler
on account of owning a smallish penis,
   now i tend to be chill humbler
far bigger than size of all snow white's
   choicest male member dwarves,

which dialect strongly resembles that of mumbler
   yet overshadowed by paul bunyan nada dumb bull lore
to scrawl mumbo jumbo haint no major chore
boot might bring aggravation with ye pacing the floor
so until otherwise notified, no more ..
flimsy attempts at literary grandeur - albeit my gentle roar
unless or until you indicate 69 degrees of interest for sure.

ah, twas acceptable to be playful during boyhood, thus wine now kid
bald billed dub bear bold statements about prive graying anatomy not hid
​hence tis probably wise to shift energy source to another grid
ye might feel rightfully on guard n bid
consider this messages totally extra arid.

frum dis cum mon in joe
goodbye post hall low -
what a halo o'er u that doth glow
whar sea man trickles n doth flow.

from::the fool on the hill,
   who lives along abbey road near penny lane
across the street. Eleanor rigby,
    Kite, the virtual nay burrs o this human grain
plus Norwegian wood, the latter actually a great dane
off to see the wizard to get...what else a brain.

words my (ahem) pen ultimate aim
all the while trying
   to steer clear of wagging a virtual finger in blame
neither at some fellow nor destitute dame
since the chance circumstances of existence exclaim
akin to being frozen
   in some space/time paradigms frame
   2 extricate ourselves a lifelong game
which message offer in this poem rather lame
necessitating this cyber sleuth to hunt for an apropos meme.

email moi, which means applying cerebral muscles flexed
fire off a brief bull a tin i.e.
   preferably a brief test tick u lore text
lacks the means 2 get vexed,

a chap whose ethos does nada include any establishmentarian piety, this message approved by the underground railroad poetry society.
[email protected] alias matthew scott - hopes nothing expressed caused off fence sieve retaliatory reaction. if fuss so, my humblest apology. the lingua franca medium ache kin to Jackson Pollack splash paint style, whereby stream of consciousness eventually runs into minimalist power pointed nada so excel lent whims, that could cast a cubist impression upon yar mind.



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i oft times let this slight harder to bend phalanges exerices themselves via scampering across the qwerty keyboard of thy apple macbook pro. sometimes, a glimmer of comprehension actually materializes, but the venue of poetry (sans thee very nature ova tha beast) gives free rein to write in an abstract fashion.

matthew scott harris

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