Azure blue skies weep in rent glacial torrents,
iridescent earth sun trap poised  to garner sympathy,
dark red cloud’s indignant float might yet rumble,
toxic deluge drenches mudbank plot as toilers whine,
thunderstruck I gaze at wild indigo sea mist on brine-fleck shore 

Edge of seat terra firma species orange alert mere bluster,
grim altitude apocalypse for amber moon orb,
rampant shower pockmark with visual scar as trenchant plague,
vapour trail  from lachrymose horizon now a shrunken haze,
alarm bell’s doleful peal across an impact cratered expanse  once sumptuous mint green

Stream of gurgling silken brook upon reciprocal bright cadence,
otherworldly pine from volatile nebulae’s damp swathe,
vapid  biome acreage a gaunt reflection though surreal,
despite magenta stardust  twinkle whose infant  phase  corralled
by wayward drizzle

Hemisphere by half redolent of sombre devastation,
yet exotic visual  haunt is that vaunted shadow zone,
sweet maple leaf  ether bound refuge from monsoon rife,
pot of gold opal strewn paradise escape hatch,
from lesion blight  topsoil or open sore empyrean

Purple leaf and bell pepper cascade swirling o'er panic stricken globe,
perfume clad hillock under hawk-eye squint,
denizens idyllic foster atmospheric canny urban vault,
they hobble gingerly on salmon pink stone bridge en route to harried terrain rescue

Poetry Soup Contest first place medal winner 
6th December 2023



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