She breathed slowly

and waited patiently

as metal scraped against bone.

Harsh sounds battered her ears,

sparking hope in her breast.

She stretched her arms

through the bars,

in plaintive longing,

to ease men's furrowed brows.


The last drop of blood,

a rich, reflective pool

of ponderous meaning,


twisting through the air

like a feather from a great height.

It struck the dusty earth,

with a heart-wrenching thud,

breaking open the cage

whose door had rusted shut.


Freedom's song

poured through the lowlands

and filled up the highlands

like a flood

exploding from a dam.

It rent aged structures

to the ground,

shattering them to dust.

It opened Imagination's stalwart doors,

and rendered Evil laughable.


Hearts beat

like mustangs wildly racing

through a desert

on a starry night.

Boys and girls danced

with the lovely lady

on silver-white clouds.

Ink skipped joyfully across pages,

and paint boldly sprang from canvasses,

grabbing men by their suit coats,

waking them

from their dazed slumber.


Lady Liberty

ground Tyranny into the earth

with her velveteen shoe

and healed the wounds of the oppressed

with gentle fingers.

People blossomed

in rich prosperity.


When she lay down,

exhausted from her labors,

words flowed freely,

seedlings of happiness sprouted merrily,

and people throughout the land

rested in her loving arms.


At first,

men guarded Lady Liberty

with all the weaponry

they could muster.

They fought hand to hand

and from great distances.

Sometimes salty rivers

flowed down the faces

of family, friends, and strangers,

yet feet could walk

where their owners deemed to go,

thoughts could blossom

into realities,

and prisons

held only criminals.


But while the soldiers

risked life and limb,

Power crept into the land

under the cover of civility,


and fair play.


He slipped about

from town to town,

pouring droplets of poison

into the water,

envenoming minds

and distorting hearts.


Only a handful

saw the flash of lightning

and its resounding crack

as Power clapped

a delicate bracelet around

Lady Liberty's beautiful wrist.


She looked into his eyes in dismay

as he smiled wickedly

and the people

danced in oblivion.


Whenever Power

piped his melodious tunes,

ears pricked up in anticipation;

women flirted in their finest clothing,

men wore gold and flashed diamonds,

and children,

the dear children,

became monotonous parrots,

full of vim and vigor.


Only a few cried out

in alarm as Power fastened

chain after chain onto Lady Liberty,

leadening her feet.

Most laughed at those fools,

dismissing them

without considering

the blood

that had watered the battle fields

for the sake

of freedom.


One day,

the blazing sun rose,

illuminating the downtrodden

men and women

who chanted warped words

that Power had scorched

into their minds

from the time

they were babes

as the price

for his promises.


And Liberty, Lady Liberty,

lay on the dry, cracked earth

unable to move

under the burden

of her chains,

while the children

of parents

brave and true

whispered words

of emancipation

and prepared to

win her freedom

once more.






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