' What is this life if full of care
     We have no time to appreciate what's there
     Right before us, just need to open our eyes.
                          Each day heralding a new surprise.

     What is this life if full of woe
     Feeling pessimistic, nowhere to go.
      Get moving, be positive, visit a friend.
      You will find you don't want the day to end.

      What is this life if not for the living -
      Visiting someone who is lonely or grieving
      Giving them comfort, embracing peace;
      A wonderful way of giving release
      Of pent-up emotions and seeing them smile.
      It's really worth it , going that extra mile.

      What is this life when Retirement can be
      A fun time, hobbies, new places to see
      Each day offering challenges,
                                          new folk to befriend
      And arrange outings,
                                       the pleasures won't end.
      It's the beginning of a new life style
      Adapt, enjoy remembering that extra mile



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