People say Life is beauty but some say its duty,
let me tell you my point of view, whether it's dull or pretty..

we open our eyes and close it like day & night,
never thought what they captured in it , is it dark or bright..?

everyone has something to add on with brush & colours on our canvas,
Giving us the feel of being a special one making our heart fragile as glass..

we wait hold and stop by, but life's never the same kind,
we always think , we always justify but bone got an answer & none wana find..

it's pretty, it's evil, it's lovely, it's ugly.. lots of emotions it has,
At times so melodious, so perfect as if listening to musicians playing Jazz..

you and me , who has got it? We waste our time searching for it here and there,
we all dependent on it, this is common & this is what we share..

Dad,mom, bro and sis, are they real? Or life has added this?
for me they are my life ..and too God's most precious gift..

from where it started , And where it gonna end,
am sure its a mystery like watering  the sand..

That's what LiFe is all about , in short and sweet,
hope we all love it , though somewhere it's hell and shit..

remember you cant take it,  give it or escape from it,
cause it's eventually God who made it, either you accept it or reject it...



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