Strange faces and strange places, I see all,
Through that artistic wonder of optics bored into my face I perceive,
Foe and friend alike, family and charity, every aberration in facial form I see,
White coats and green; sharp objects and blunt, venting their bitterness on me,
I hate the pain but no franchise have I;
I am locked in.

Perversity, perversity! I feel the ignominy,
Illicit handling of my intimacy, laws of personality flawed,
Strange women, strange men, up in my bowels a finger goes,
I think, so I AM? I think not,
I am a crucible of biochemical reactions but I AM not;
I am locked in.

Useless breathing, tasteless feeding,
Delicatessens at my side, simulate a goat and meat scene,
Euthanasia, the illegal Panacea to all my cruciation,
Oh for an iota of death! That I may present my resignation to almighty,
Lengthening days and annoying seconds, a magnanimous sentence for my past offences;
I am locked in.

Let death come quickly, hasten its wheels, let me breathe my last,
Call the hounds of hell; bring their blood thirsty mouths closer,
Huge dark devils, bitter white Satan; come for your price,
Let loose the axe of justice and ruin the celebration of my tormentor,
Lamentations of my past sins grip me, but a confession I can’t make so I’m condemned;
I am locked in.



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