This canvas, as wide as Kansas,
stark white silent void,
a symbol, working as a brick
in a paintbrush sort of world.

Like Van Gogh, I slide my toes
through golden linseed oil,
these anointed feet wander
amongst whispering blue flax
as I search for the muse that is you.
I pirouette with our beginning, our end,
dragging my feet through the
contrasting pigments
that tinge forsaken memories.

The paint flowers as I dance,
I beckon to your shadow
for an adagio in a pas de deux,
the steps progress, our edges blur,
undefined and indefinite,
an abstract rainbow of swirling images.

Time is forgotten
in this comfortable tornado
of kaleidoscopic hues;
brilliant colors splashed
like low-pitched waters,
accenting uncontrollable passions
and overwhelming emotions.

Our fevered movements and
flying leaps, carry us through
the sky of a Starry Night,
leaving vivid sensations that
linger on the canvas,
with feelings exposed and
secrets that yellow with time.

The chaotic chorus of elements
blend together in the dancer's
spontaneous purpose,
a sorrowful masterpiece perfected
and varnished with the gloss
of ancient tears.



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