Michevielli's means to fail Macbeth

Whether greed innated or from others gained
The self's thirst for a try goes beyond its capacity
Souls to bodies are sent under its control stay
Minds fall apart to the confusion of all the ins outs
At the age of six to self discovery Man's journey starts
Character from the surroundings is shaped
An Asian, or African in Britain is not less Englished
In case the third factor's intervention was lacked
Titles got humankind not that much differed
Lady to her Macbeth to be a king encouraged
Had her cordial throne to Macbeth been given
‘d have established on earth kingdom of eden
Peace, passion and love out of a cave made palace
As long spirit feels well the wellness thus is got
Glory, pride pleasures by materials last seconds
Only the first moments sound full of excitement
A Wise never hunts blind many traps overcomes
Everything has got a bill, the highest in regrets
To gain is to lose and to lose is to gain again
Hence the biggest blessed loot by love gotten
With peace shall last on both earth and heaven

By Kenj