Miss Mango Magee!

Runs through the streets

Her fruit on full display

For any and all to see


Miss Mango Magee!

Pours herself into those tight pants

As to press her bulbousness

Up against he for free


Miss Mango Magee!

Flaunts her lumps

Perpetually looking

For a man she can call daddy


Miss Mango Magee!

Her skin morphing black as her soul

Rotting from the inside out

She has no brain to hold no eyes to see


Miss Mango Magee!

I show you no peace

Words left unsaid burn my tongue

Oh Miss Mango Magee come see me


Miss Mango Magee!

Your time will come to an end too

He has many more tramps to attend to

Poor Miss Mango Magee



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