by miwan

The monsters in me now, so fierce so vile,

So unnatural, pure demons, sinister creatures,

Dark auras filled with hate and pure malice,

Slowly eating away my happiness, blocking away my bliss.

The monsters that you put in me,

Through actions that i was too blind to see,

Till they took root, had a firm grip on me,

I'm tied down in chains, no way to get free.

No strength to save myself,

Im pale, the life force draining from me,

The dark aura, suffocating me, i lie down drenched in my own sweat,

Yet you who put these chains on me are the one who has the key.

Save me from this suffering, from the monsters,

Before they take over completely and i forever lose myself,

Before my mind is forever lost to the darkness that is in me.

Be my light and drive the darkness away, come and shine in my life like the stars




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