From the earliest sign of movement,
Before even the first breath I took,
Open palms anxiously awaited
The soft kicks my tiny feet would give.

Mother always watching over
Those warm sensations felt by me,
Through each gentle touch
In the love of my Father's caring hands.

I grew within
As cautiously those palms crossed her skin,
Searching only to know how my day had been,
Through my hours away from him.

The moment my life joined their world,
Whispered promises hushed my cries,
As snugly my body was held
In the love of my Father's caring hands.

Throughout the years, we grew.
Often together and close,
But at times, distant and apart,
As life's struggles sometimes drifted our hearts.

How quickly the choices we made
Changed our direction through life,
But somehow the turns we took
Lead us back to where we began.

When suddenly reality gave its pinch,
Forgiveness faded our troubles into the past,
And a fresh start filled wounded hearts,
Allowing the love we shared to forever last.

And now, while all the memories flash,
Mother watches over,
As tightly my ashes are held
In the love of my Father's caring hands.