Love is something so special. When it comes, the feeling you get is like nothing else. I believe I met her at the age of 5. She has never left side. When I’m with her the whole world just stops. Like if we experienced a paradox of time, or it feels like it is just us two the last things on earth. If in reality we were the only two things left on earth it would be just fine. When I move right, she moves with me. When I move left, there she is. How we move it’s like we are doing the tango. We might even be slow dancing to some Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Al green or a little Temptations. Movement so smooth it’s an art work in motion. You can video tape this and it would get a million views.

No matter if it is rainy or sunny our love stays the same. Till death do us part or may we live forever. If we come back in another life time may we stick together. So in sync you would think God made the connection himself. Destiny brought us together, we are 14 years strong and everything stayed the same. No girl no matter how she looks can take the place of my first love. Actions speak louder than words, the action we make can speak a million words. The words that describe the action will show how deep we are in this together. Until the day one of leaves this earth, we will be together side by side.

Now she is about 29.5 inches in circumference and weighs around 22oz. She is a orange/brownish color. Her name is Spalding but I like to call her boo. Everyday when I get home there she goes, waiting for us to make beautiful art in motion.



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