She clasps my hand, 3 fingers just
care-freely follows where I guide
Her grasp proclaims unerring trust
consummate patriarch aside

My heart is warmed, the world is bright
but burden my shoulders to succeed
to own her future is my plight
a pact not parleyed yet agreed

At once she squirmed from womb’s refuge
glad-given my secure embrace
but joy concealed a subterfuge
and thrust great duty in my face

No day will come I can relent
the nest of her human being to feather
The end of prodigal pleasures spent
regress to role of hunt or gather

But nature’s paradigm is profound
her recipe is well devised
Immense the duty by which I’m bound
the bond of love equally sized

That love unlike all known till now
its mere existence gratifies
its fervent tenderness I avow
to bestow on her till my demise



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