There is no news to write poetry about
the week has been abjectly boring
that stale virus continued across the planet
same old new norm
the masked and unmasked
the sheep and the deniers
baa, baa, blah
as usual people got shot in Chicago
just another day in the windy city
shots fired, same trajectory
human lives of little value
the flavor of indifference
bland and ordinary
here's another redundancy
whites hate blacks
christians despise atheists
straight/gay, left/right
cliche, blase
Good Lord!
I wish had something different to say
Let's turn to sports
Players fighting with owners
The economic war of richer and richer
Well nothing novel here
"Tom, what about the weather?"
"Thanks Jim.  Sorry to disappoint
It was Winter at 9am, Summer at noon
Autumn rolled in about 3pm
Just your typical spring in May"
Well that wraps up our broadcast this evening
Notable Events Sports and Weather
really nothing new to say
Such is the twilight of humanity
No surprises, nothing shocking
Same ole depravity
Have a good evening
Tune in tomorrow for another tautological transmission
-Wait! A breaking story just coming in
Nevermind, same excrement
different day...



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