It’s a bright day and crystal clear sky,
There’s an open road and cool breeze,
And yet, I am driven into a quandary
beleaguered by a deep personal malaise...
My virtues overshadowed by some vice.

For me to ride out this rolling storm,
Do I use the reins or the spurs?
That I weave not a web of my own woes
It behooves me how not to die with guilt…
A guiltless mind yields not to sorrow.

I'm befuddled by a doubtful dilemma:
Is my fate a willful folly of mine
or a preordained wretched destiny?
Why redemption comes through crucifixion
and why salvation only by penance?
I wonder, must I banish my baneful whims
Lest my much fostered hopes turn to ashes?

A flushed sun is lolling near the horizon
and the crimson sky turning drowsy gray
I must appease my innate quest for beauty     
and find love to sweeten my sullen days,
But lost as I am in this doleful haze
with despair and belittled by doubt…
Pray, how do I find my way out?



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