Brown. Mocha. Chestnut.
Soft, velvety leather
You cushion my feet.

Protector. Provider.
All knowing master
Wherever you lead me, I go.

Through joyful jubilees
We have frolicked.
Not a wedding too fancy,
Not a dance too demanding
Where you haven’t delighted my toes.

Through fresh powdered snow
We have gallivanted.
Not a flurry too frigid,
Not a gale to tempestuous
For my king comforter, my shelter.

Through prickly thorns and knee high grass
We’ve built a bond that will forever last.
No trek is too trying for my breathable cushion,
No mountain too grueling for my exploring companion.

We conquer every encounter. We two. We three.
We manifest madness into colossal glee.
Through each step of life,
You carry me.

My guardian angel,
My humble thong,
These feet dance joy in your rainbow song.
Every scratch and every nick,
You embrace with the most grandiose kiss.
As you carry my so loyally and lovingly home.



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