Slave driver of an infinite chronicle,  eternal magistrate, foreman at the everlasting forefront.
Metronomic tick tock, soundtrack or feeble background noise.
Egg shape Ovid metaphor,
end of wall brick pointer  to the universal canon.
Bought in  local pawn shop where  mystique hones a  tangible longevity.
Bargain basement birthright strictly hush-hush.
Shylock skinflint grudgingly unveils  his only asset.
Loan shark of inevitable passage, time after time.
Otherworldly borrower, blight upon the debt defaulting albatross.
Hidden contract’s five o’clock shadow, mouldy  ink or laundry stain indelible.
Ghost writer’s guilt free hand glide  down the ages, struck by homely vacuum.
Second  hand playwright who hacks it with those bits and bobs that thicken every plot.
Nod and wink curator of the halcyon bygone.
Houdini in the hour glass that  never knows the hour,
evading mortal closure for awhile.
A stoic sentry's arcane tour of duty without lull.
Rock around the clock.
Impassive  product of an ancient yet enduring craft where silence is a deadly telltale blip.
Grim reapers cutting  tool  so willingly entombed on every schedule.
Denouement in Tae Kwon Do for the  sudden death brigade without remorse.
Arbiter of earthly dwelling now
holds court.
Beware this judge for whom there's no appeal.




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