page turning suspense filled 
   vaulted sepulchral air
   ushering the veiled spouse to be
while afar off trumpets did blare

   (arranged by
   matchmaker Harriet Kuritsky)
creating the ambiance
   analogous to a renaissance faire

   yet contrasted in that this bachelor
   and other men related to me
segregated with females and males
   set distance away

   i.e. not physically near
   dictated by mandates of Hebrew coda
   stemming from Moses biological tree
which separate quarters

   ample enough to spare
   until the proper toll of the bell would peal
   accompanied by unified yippee!

after Rabbi Boyce officiated
   for Matthew Scott
   and Abby Robin,
   the crowd exalted with cheers

of L’Chiam with chutzpah oompah’s
   sizzling and hot.
klezmer musicians played schmaltz
which accompanied hoopla

   as couples did waltz.
all the while family, friends and relatives
   blessed the new groom and bride
   although highly orthodox,

   the men removed respective skullcap
more commonly known as yarmulke
   some plain others dyed
   women and children broke out

   in traditional dance and song
   while other did clap
exemplifying Yahweh
   to deliver mazal tov
   and shalom as spiritual guide

   to the pronounced husband and wife
   who pledged their troth in a snap.
toward conclusion of
   typical Jewish wedding,

   a full goblet of kosher red wine
   got tossed in the air
this (in conjunction
   crushing emptied wine glass
sacred apex rite of passage
   communicated a sign
   and marshaled the crowd
   to begin a local Jerusalem
   exodus symbolic and clear.

as the newlyweds blissfully
   and radiantly strolled arm in arm
   and exited Synagogue,
   the euphoric and excited crowd

   source tossed handfuls of
   uncle Ben’s unconverted rice
   grown from norwegian bachelor farmers
   on nearby organic whole foods,

a chauffeur waited to shuttle them
   to secret honeymoon location
   passersby waved and bowed e'en
   thee well graded, screened
   and vetted gendarme.

Poetry Reading: 
matthew scott harris


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