(Out)Sourcing Freedom

The weight of years gone by 

Sits outwardly light 

Yet pressing heavily upon the mind 

The clamour of dreams squandered 

The whispers of opportunities as they passed 

Silent into the night 

Cause a weary restlessness 

A sense of misdirected purpose 

Waiting, waiting 

Something good will happen 

MUST happen –

Tomorrow, it says 

Tomorrow, it hopes 

Every arrow of dejection 

Of despair 




Waiting at the periphery 

Waiting to pierce sharply into the waiting heart 

And yet

And yet 

The heart, no; the SOUL 

The resilient 

The ever-hopeful soul 

The optimistic soul 

Holds up its shield –

paper thin it may be 

The shield made of a voice in the darkness 


Bringing it to the light 

A voice urging urging urging 

“Breathe In, Breathe Out”

A caress, not a lover’s 

A touch, not of hands 

A light, shining through blue grey eyes 

Of Random Kindnesses 

Of compassion


Demands, Commands complete devotion 

And the ever-hopeful soul 

The optimistic soul 

Clutches, unbidden or maybe 


To follow, to respond, to love, to HOPE 

Some day...

And suddenly! It is given wings 

It soars 

It rejoices 

It delights in the gravelly voice 

In the blue eyes 

In the radiance of the smile 

Of the beloved 


A fugitive released 

Shackles broken at its feet 

It sighs 

It whispers 

It SHOUTS - Thank you!



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