the following sloop of words rowed and towed together as they
came into my periscoptic poop deck with slight emendation
from thee oar ridge in hull.
along the atlantic, bruitted by cavalier indiscriminate jerry rigged
salient seaboard; adequately buffered, coccooned domicile, eman
cipated from gobstopping hectors, insulated joyfully, kept lodged
within this singular one bedroom apartment (courtesy sans subsi
dized housing facility named highland manor apartments); acqui
escence concerning everyday generalities harbors illustrious kick
starting mindfulness; oasis offering outlier pad; partitioned pathe
tic quintessential respite spans the vast webbed wild world; yoyoing
between deathly diabolical forces gripping heinous heavyhandedness,
imperiling, jettisoning kindled linkedin lumpenproletariat, malfeasance
masquerading mockery monger muckrakers - namely narcissistically,
nee nefariously, odious, pernicious quotidian rapacious treasonous
ugly viciously xenophobic yikyaking zealots; augments bittnerness,
cravenness, depravity, encourages fragmented government, highjin
xing investment; joint kindness kombats lambasting liberal minded
nattering netizens, obliging ogres poisoning, pollutanting; putrification
quality qualm queasy; quintessential rampant, re: reckless reigning
rogue ruination, sanity sapped, senselessness sic smiling spoiliation
stance swindled; tabloid tacitly tendered thru timbered torqued tutelage;
unfettered usurpation violates voices, vultures willingly wring xing
yawping zest axed; before catastrophe dedicated earthlings forced
gallantly; harmonizing heft, holstering, hoping, humanizing instant
aneous juice kegs liquidate manicical Messerschmitt motoring mow
ing natural nemesis; nickleback nincompoops, nodding nonstop op
pressing peoples pinterest, quashing rift righteousness relinguished,
sacred sangfroid sapped slowly, totalitarianism trotted tubby universal
vested worsted xfrayed yarn.



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