by miwan

Waves crashing against the rocks,

The cliff staying strong, a prisoner at the docks,

Above him, the purple sky, such sight, such bliss,

The one thing in the world he will miss.

He looks far to the place where earth and sky meets,

The waves still crashing against the rocks below his feet,

Gulls on rocks below chanting requiem hymns,

The winds pushing him back, whistling deafening screams.


Bourne against the wind he stretches one leg to step on air,

Nothing else to live for, the pain too much to bear,

The wind knocks him on to his back,

He stands up to summon the strength he lacks.


The purple sky reflecting in his red eyes,

Rain pours down, the sky cries through his eyes,

Sea gulls chanting below. at the horizon, the sun slowly drowning,

He takes the step and down to the sea and rocks below, he's slowly falling......



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