R-Reactive, I spent my life over reacting.
A-Active, Activly fighting.
D-Disorder, Against my own mind and Family.

W-Walking, Walking a living nightmare, inside a dream.
H-hopeless, Told it was hopeless, I might as well be a Psychopath.
O-Opposing, My parents opposed and told me it's not true.

L-Listened, After many years I finally listened.
O-Overcome, Now I've overcome and can control my disorder.
V-Variable, And learn't My family's Love is not variable.
E-Everlasting, I realize it's Everlasting.
D-Done, And I am done with RAD, and will live my life peacfully.

This Poem is dedicated to all the RAD people out there and their families. It's not hopeless parents you just got to keep fighting for us, even though it will hurt. Keep fighting. RAD People KNOW YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE LOVED, AND YOU CAN OVERCOME IT! Stay strong!!

Junia Neufeld



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