The rare Velvetleaf aka Indian Mallow, Flowering Maple or its botanical name of Abutilon Theophrasti, and it's beautiful flower that it produces unfortunately are not very often seen.

Velvetleaf and Indian mallow are even called the canary tree are mostly used as an indoor houseplant, because it grows easier that way.

Even as house plant its production of flowers is phenomenal and its bell shaped flowers which bloom all the time add color to your home.

The shape if this wonderful plant is usually maintained through pruning and the size and shape will depend on your creativity with pruning sheers.

Indian Mallow plants aren’t too picky and will grow well in just about most potting soil and are really easy to care for.

These flowering plants are very hard to find to purchase or even to see it growing in someone’s yard or even in the wild, hopefully it will begin to become easier to obtain because I would love to grow them myself.

The Canary Tree is a small evergreen tree, with yellow flowers and an orange center and are so bright and beautiful as you can see in the pictures from top tropical’s.

This small tree is perfect if you want to grow this in your garden or if you decide that it’s best for you to grow them on a patio or deck in a container.

When growing this exotic house plant or as tropical garden flowers make sure to keep soil evenly moist. If it is under watered the leaves will wilt and may even fall off.

Make sure not to over water. Well drained soil is best and keeps this plant from getting too much moisture. The blooms will attract lots of butterflies and bees which I love having around my garden. Flowers help the bees with pollination which is very important for the reproduction of all plants.

These rather lovely but rare tropical flowers, are a deciduous shrub with soft pale grayish leaves that are so beautiful  its hard to believe this flowering plant is concidered to be a weed.

The Abutilon theophrastii (you can find more info with Plant Spot app - is very fast growing and if you are lucky most of these plants will bear flowers early int the spring even on juvenile plants



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