Consider all the lust for life
that makes you want to sing,
and all the loss and compromise
that being human brings;
not to mention all your injuries,
the piercings and the stings.
And while we’re in reflective mood
let’s think of what might be …

‘Imagine there’s no countries…’
No thanks, I’d rather not …
‘and no religion too…’
Bad grammar in music;
it rocks the unformed heart
and creates a naïve world view.
Imagine there’s no religion –
it means no point to life,
no force that built the western lands,
no joy, no culture, no strife,
no way of telling when things are wrong,
no wit, no wisdom, no sacred song,
no heart, no hearth, no burning coals,
no hope, no courage, no battling souls,
no richness to life, for dreamers like John,
when all that makes us human
is gone.



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