I scream. I'm screaming.
You yell. You're yelling.
You silence my screams. I muffle my cries.
You're breathing down my neck.
Hands wrapped around my neck.
You wipe my tears.
You kiss my ear and massage my neck.
I hate you. I love you.
You tear me down. I never stand.
Unless you're holding me.
You pin me down, taken what's mine
Telling me it's love.....
I refuse to leave and be like your mother
So I stay and you treat me how your father treated your mother
I want to be blown away
But I'm not in Oklahoma......
My scars of your love are permanent.
The scratches on your face, back, and stomach are a reminder.
My clothes you burn.
My soul too.
In a house cold as you.
Asking myself why.
Naked in this corner.
Naked in a sense of being alone.
Fear consumes me.
But hey, what's love without tragedy?



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