She's just a little girl,
Her hair long with red curls.
Her eyes are the greenest green
Upon a face so soft and so clean.
She's playing in the sandbox,
Her feet bare with no socks,
Loving the way the sand feels
Between her toes; beneath her heels.

She's so happy and carefree,
As she smiles over at me,
Waving her little hand
That's all covered with sand.
And even as she calmly sits,
Her mind stays busy and never quits.
Often she seems far away,
Dreaming in the midst of day.

What are these thoughts in her head?
What does she dream of in bed?
Is it a land of make-believe;
A web of imagination that she's weaved?
A fairy tale princess to behold,
Living in a castle made of gold.
Wearing the most beautiful gown,
And upon her head, a jewel-filled crown
Then along comes a shiny white horse,
Carrying"prince charming" of course.
Sweeping her up off her feet
Would make any girl's fantasy complete.

The wind then starts to blow,
As it begins to grow cold.
Standing up, she shakes the sand free;
Her six year old legs then run to me
Left behind, an empty sandbox,
Holding her secret dreams and thoughts.
Tomorrow will bring a brand new day,
Where again inside her sandbox she will play!



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