There are so many choices to be had

When ordering a sandwich

What kind of bread
What kind of meat or any meat
What kind of cheese or any cheese
Whether to have sprouts or not
Whether to have a pickle or not

Whether to go with a classic peanut butter
And something sandwich

I loved peanut butter sandwiches
As a kid

Peanut butter and sweat pickles were my favorite
Peanut butter and banana is good also

Peanut butter and strawberry jam
What a delightful memory

My current favorite
Is a BLT with sprouts, avocado, and kosher dill pickles?
Heirloom red tomatoes one slice per each half
Avocado one half per each half
One half pickle on each half
Bacon cooked just right – well done but not black
Sprouts and lettuce just right
Timamook Yellow smoked cheder cheese
On each half

On Gluten Free bread
with chipotle mayo
And Dijon mustard

Cut in half

Truly a sandwich made in heaven
And bacon makes everything
Taste so damn nice

And God if you are reading this poem
You had better prepare them for me
Or Heaven will not be worth it

Does Satan serve BLT sandwiches
I wonder

Probably not
Probably you become the bacon

In his hell sandwiches