The Season of Smiles


All is calm; all is

Bright on this lovely

Christmas night.

Do you see how

Easily the smiles come?

Feel the warmth that envelops you and

Glows in loved ones' eyes.

Hear the fervent joy

In celebrants' voices as they

Jubilantly sing of the infant

King who lay in a manger so

Long ago, born to redeem

Mankind from sin.

Now let's look at the

Other side of the season:

Platters of tasty food, Dad

Quoting " 'Twas the Night . . .," kids

Receiving long-awaited toys

Santa delivered (He ate his cookies!),

Telling funny stories, standing

Under the mistletoe . . . Let's appreciate these

Vivid, memorable scenes

Which will be springs of inspiration in

Xeric times during the coming

Year. Relish every moment.

Zealously embrace this season of smiles.




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