I see you through this veil of cataracts
I know you see me too
What is it that you see beneath this heap of blankets
Do i look alive or do i look dead
I know you see me and you about to pretend that im fine

Don't you dare attempt to touch me
I know you think that im helpless
Don't pity me i can still do what i need to do
Just hand me the mirror
I want to see what you see i dont want be fed false hope

Step back, move away, dont upset me
I know what you see, you see death looming over me
You hide it but i see those eyes swimming in sorrow
And im clueless about what you have lost
Because im still here doing the martial arts on death

Honey my long lost husband is that you
I see that glowing light that radiates around you
At least you dont look sorrowful
Come and give me a hug hold me tight
Pull me away take me with you for just a moment

See i am floating i feel fluffy, this light is beautiful
Im sorry i cant hear you, why do you look terror stricken
I am still here hold my hand tight
Dont bow your heads around me like a couple of vultures
Stop dont close my eyes i still want to see you



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