(already aa year elapsed since
thy youngest progeny received
her high school diploma).

Valedictorian treads across makeshift platform
i.e. most likely auditorium stage
marked by hushed audience inhaling,
notating, and regaling gleeful
lightness of buoyant feat (yeat heavy of heart)
feted for 2017 Redmond
Enrichment Academy graduates,
who attained a milestone vis a vis earning their
high school diploma, and ready to launch
bountiful daunting challenges, yet sure
footed each young gal and/or guy
will exude joy and sorrow upon grasping their
high school diploma aware a sound education
sent each on their own future path
while pomp and circumstances issues
forth by adroit musically talented underclass

man, which emotional celebrated achievement
evoked by keynote student speaker,
but also underscored via that well worn
mortarboard, linkedin, kickstarter, Joyous
tune (composed by Sir Edward Elgar –
subtitled March Number 1) acknowledging
cheers, eliciting grownups immense
Kleenex moistening overpowering quintessentially
simmering ululating wrenching yowling
as tassels flipped (maybe in conjunction with
a non twittering uber bird) to left side
of the caparisoned newly anointed future
Dharma Bums, professionals and/or
trades persons momentarily stung with sadness
to depart favorite classmates and teachers
who voluntarily cosseted, ferried, and

capitalone did flickr imperceptibly, kneaded
LivingSocial, and massaged MineCraft
outlook plenti full confidence, faith,
and inherent lettered oblations to serve as a snap
chatting, soundcloud springboard no matter
what destiny each young man or woman
decides to pursue. Though accolades dedicated
genuinely (just my outlying participation)
special veneration x2c accorded beautiful
daughter ecstatic gloating honestly jubilant
kindred made noble perseverance reaching
ultimate write x zit that will usher her
onward toward opportunities sustained
by confidence gained thru academic ambition,
dynamic dedication, and gigantic germination
of maturation, whose individual future

trajectory predicated with the rubric of essential
scholastic tools essential to gain positive
further education and thence employment endeavors.
So Punim (whom this papa does
love and miss) attempted to let the words
tumble upon the display screen communicating
in my patois, (a gallimaufry of mumbo jumbo
shrimp limp ping missive) at your success
attaining a laudable momentous occasion
per rejoicing, no matter the message possibly
lost amidst this cobbled gobbledygook, which
attempts to pass as acclaimed literary
endeavor. Okay, I experience tears of euphoria
and misgiving at lack of finances to share
in person how this dada daubs dribbling
tears ducts. Congratulations thy beloved Shana.



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