Eye, never seen such beauty of a human being

With my own until you entered, stage right

A deep luscious brown swirling of the seeing

Eye I am peering into

Burning sensation of not wanting to blink

Afraid of missing steps ahead of you

Mister, smell of sweet cognac mixed with freshness

Mother Nature would swoon under your perfume

Let the world bloom from your essence

Smile at the knowing of who you are

Stand tall in front your presence

Extending to touch, the touch of such

I melt under the spark of your skin

Soft but powerful without force

The world silenced after the drop of the pin

That is my heart mister.

"Hello." He speaks, as I, remain without a sound

The audio of a man who knows who he is

Turns my heart into a runner, highway bound

Confident, God fearing, strong willed

Never have I seen such a creature handmade with quality

Staring into your aurora with no apology

You smirk. Ah, he smiles as well

Standing before me knowing you stand over me

But looking down at me as if you could see right through me

Lifting my chin to allow me access to your eyes that I see

Closer still, you hover over me, you won't back away

Not until I taste the liqour of your morning

The moon falls victim to the sky of no more day

Laid back in the leather seats of a long ride home

The wind running its fingers through my hair

Now I know what real love do to the senses



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