Summer is preferred by many
Because of its long days
Reckless nights
And pretty sunsets

But I prefer winter
And its cold, gloomy days
For winter is innocent
And often underestimated

Summer has been explored
Its warm weather is
Inviting and perfect
In many aspects

Winter, however, is perceived as imperfect
Its cold weather being a nuisance
And its constant snowing
Just another burden upon us

But its purity often goes unnoticed
The perfection of a fresh blanket of snow
The feeling of warming up after being in the freezing weather
Unlike any other kind of comfort

Summer is cooling off
And sweaty, sticky skin
Winter is snuggling
And keeping warm by the fire

Winter is your grandma's hugs
And all things warm and joyous
Summer is your ice cream dripping
And the scorching hot sun



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