I have looked far into the future,
A future where hatred slips through the cracks of out hearts,
I have seen the boiling of blood,
The breaking of bonds,
The decaying of love--
In our hearts, minds, and souls.

I have seen sanity slide through her fingers,
Blowing away like dust in the wind,
Pieces of her mind discarded,
Always in wonder, always questioning,
Never sitting still.

The wind whispers its secrets in her ears,
Taking bits of her sanity as payment,
Seeing the world turning from bright hues into dull black and white,
Leaving her helpless and alone,
Suddenly everyone around has gone,
abandoning her with her thoughts,
Wondering if anyone will come save her,
Or just leave to let her endure her sorrow.

Days pass with no luck,
Not one person comes,
Her only friends seems to be the voice in her mind,
Telling her no one thinks she matters,
She finds herself on the roof of a building,
The ground so far below,
In question if anyone will notice,
Notice that she is gone.

One, two, three steps to the edge,
The ground calling her name,
She steps off the edge,
A blur of the town she once love, but never lover her back,
Her miserable life flashing before her eyes,
The impact comes before she knows it,
Not a ping of pain or sorrow contorts her face,

Her spirit is finally freed from its prison,
Only to see that on one came to help,
No one ever cared, ever noticed her despair,
No one tried to save her,
The voice was right all along,
No one loved her.

Poetry Reading: 
Alyssa Williams


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