by MC

Doors meant to open,
some to close,
you creep and stalk,
this I oppose.
Awake to a chip in the tooth,
something moved,
something missing.
Maybe the gas is on,
is that what's hissing?
A breeze,
from where?
The doors and windows covered,
not bare.
Remedies stopped working at thirty.
A hot and sticky summer because you cut the heat on, now you get flirty?
The toy you got me,
is hung like a horse,
passive, aggressive,
no remorse.
Surely you have a key,
still you push through,
through a door, a window,
as if I knew.
No camera, no visitors, typical rules,
traps always set, to isolate and abuse.
And why you lie,
I'm not some guy,
twenty years later,
you continue to bait her?
May you never rest.
As you project anger, delusions,
always some stranger.
Grow up.
Justice came and went,
move along,
continue your descent.



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