Sandy woke at the break of dawn,
When the rooster crowed his morning song,
Up she jumped and quickly she ran.
Is today the day ? her thoughts began
There was her father, she stood at his feet,
She let out a sigh as he started to speak" I'm sorry hun ..he started to say.
It's coming soon, but today's not the day.
So off she went , to start with her chores.
A day on the farm is never a bore.
To the chicken coupe where she hoped they did lay.
So they could have eggs for breakfast that day.
But as she approached , what did she find.
Not a single egg, came from their behind.
Not to fret as she started to sing.
Thinking chickens like music and eggs they will bring.
All of a sudden she heard a soft cluck.
And there were 5 eggs, she quickly did pluck.Thankyou dear Chickens , now tomorrow same time!
And maybe I'll sing you a favorite of mine .
The rest of the day she could think just one thing.I wonder just what tomorrow will bring
Off then to bed , and while dreaming bout the morn.
Wasnt to long before she ran to the door.
He just shook his head, with a heartbroken face,
Then she walked away ,without any race.
Off to the ducks later that day.
Letting them roam and pick up the hay.
But as she was counting , one was not there.
She frantically looked, as this brought her a scare.Where did you go ?she asked curiously
And just as she questioned, he came waddling furiously.

One purple duck came dripping by.
Brought Sandy to laughter and to a near cry What in the world happened to you?
Then she spotted a pail of purple beet juice.
He had jumped in , and coloured his feathers.
Now he was purple and slightly embarrassed .
Night came to play , and she glanced at the sky.
Just in time for a shooting star to fly by.
Only one wish came to her mind
She finished .. And, If for tomorrow , that would really be kind .
She climbed into bed , and to her surprise...
He awoke her that night, with excited eyes.
It's happening now, come on, and hurry!
Still In her pajamas, she made off in a scurry.
It was finally time, she ran to her horse.
Already in labour....and, a bit out of sorts.
Her father assisted, Sandy watched with glee.
Softly assuring" Your doing great, Daisy
Baby ;Violet was born, unproportioned and clumsy,
Oh Dad, shes perfect, I am so happy
Violet grew up , beautiful as the sun..
Daisy was proud, you could tell by her run.
Sandy cherishes that day in her heart.<
And reminds everyone...always wish on a star.<
The End



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