You dance on my heart
when you call me names
I don’t recognize
but here I am anyways
melting in sad candles, alfeñique
and shadow strips of velvet night
binding us.

Insanity calls ever soft
when I look into your eyes
and see all the slow suicides
as we speak together of places
neither has been, all pretense
and homogenized histories
finding us.

A little rouge hides the bruise
a kaleidoscope of soft emotion
in all my fragmented hues of blue.
Mangle my soul, shred me sublime
kill me in all ways and say that you’re mine—
fill my sugar skull with saccharin promise.
Let it crumble into sticky pixie dust.

The sunrise rings harsh
and I wake up once again all alone.
You’ve run the coop again and again
I’m on my own. We slipped back the night
to peek at what lies in the glittering beyond
but now I lay limp, spent and fading
as everything sets and unwinds
consigning us.