by MaryPP

Come all ye young mice who scurry around
Be very careful if in a big house you are found.

It was an adventure - my friend told me so
I was really excited and wanted to go...

I got caught in a trap though not in pain
There was tasty food there but I won’t go again.

I had ventured inside where I smelt a nice treat
but the door closed suddenly as I started to eat.

I got frightened soon after and tried to get out
No chance of that and no one about...

After some time waiting I heard heavy feet.
Then my trap home was lifted out on to the street.

I was carried along and my trap was set down
The door sprang open and I was safe on the ground

I am happy to say it was scary but fun.......
But I am much happier now and still able to run.

I have heard sad stories and lost many a friend
Some traps are deadly and that was their end.

So take my advice and eat where you may
But from all those traps please stay away!



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